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Same bot like aiostream

ReplyThanks 2020/12/06 22:58:25 0 0
I have the aiostream spotify and napster. I bought the botchief some time ago, but unfortunately I can't handle it at all. I would like same bot like the aiostream can someone help me?
Ann Tong
2020/12/07 17:27:16
There are some tutorials for your reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwdPhAPN_4g&list=PL8FCK_pQr5ePiWUYvKtZju0-jql12FAMk
2020/12/09 01:36:19

3 Years ago....

2020/12/09 05:43:32
can I get my money back?
Ann Tong
2020/12/09 15:00:35
4 # faaalk 2020/12/9 5:43:32
can I get my money back?

Sorry, this does not confiom to our refund policy: https://pay.tweetattackspro.com/Agents/PrivacyPolicy

If the software itself functions do not work, and we cannot provide help, then we will issue the refund.

2020/12/25 00:36:01
that is not the point. the videos are outdated and no one helps me here
Ann Tong
2020/12/25 16:41:26
6 # faaalk 2020/12/25 0:36:01
that is not the point. the videos are outdated and no one helps me here

We are now planning to make new videos for the BotChief and it needs some time. Please wait patiently.

If there is any news, we would contact you.

2021/04/23 06:55:59
I don't see any new videos ...
2023/12/20 18:04:27
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There are many video tutorials and you can find it on YouTube, I think you will a wordle lot really like my answer.
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