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If we have been waiting for this for 9 months, then I do not know.

1. Three loading windows at startup.

Loading 1:

Loading 2:

Loading 3:

2. Pile of garbage in the editor.

What is it? Why is this? To eat even more RAM?

Advertising 1

Advertising 2

Advertising 3

3. Oh, of course, you added the Chromium Embedded Framework, but it does not work. Like the GeckoFX 60 engine.

If it's all the innovations for 9 months. Then I do not know what to say. Where are the new features? Where are the bug fixes? Maybe the developers will share information with us, what is new and useful in the update

Module Development - [email protected] // Thanks - https://ko-fi.com/arbots
2019/12/18 17:15:26
1, We have added new login authorization functions for the software, so there are more loading windows than before.

2, These features may be useless for you, but may be necessary to other users. If users want to learn how to use the software, then they can find the training videos easily. If one of them need a proxy, then you can check if listed proxy provider are good to them. If one of them want to be our affiliate, then they can easily target to the affilicate details page.

3, cef is a new version added to solve the problem that some websites do not work well under the geckofx version. It is just like chrome and can adapt to many websites. This feature is currently in the testing and improvement stage, and it is not perfect, so we do not recommend you to use it as the preferred version of the editing template. In addition, our programmers have been using version 60, which is not what you said is not working. Our update this time is mainly to fix some issues in the version, which features are fixed because they are too cumbersome and have not been listed one by one. If you think there are other things we have not fixed, we will answer them as soon as possible
2020/04/01 22:18:02
When I compile a software using geckofx version 60 the software won't run it doesn't even load the windows from but same one works with the geckofx version 45 , what's worng please?
2020/04/02 15:13:52

Take a full screenshot for the entire folder of the compiled bot and the BotChiefDll folder inside it, then share it with us, we will check it for you.

Waiting for your news.

2020/05/06 21:57:15

how to solve this please???

Lily Brown
2020/05/15 18:20:42
When you writing a template, control the template running time, don't let it running for a long time, otherwise it may cause a crash.
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