How to Optimize the Site Structure for SEO

nicolos | 2016-09-29 23:22:22

Website should have a clear structure and clear navigation, which can not only help users quickly find their own needs from your website, but also can help search engines quickly understand the site in which the structure of each page level.

Site structure should use tree structure, tree structure is usually divided into the following three levels: Home - Channel - Article page. Like a tree, there is a trunk (home page), then a branch (channel), and finally a leaf (normal content page). Tree structure is more extensible, when your site has more content, you can divided into branches (channels) to easily deal with this problem.

The ideal site structure should be more flat, from the home page to the content page level as little as possible, so that when search engine to crawl, it will be more simple.

At the same time, the site should also be a network structure, each page of the site should connect to the lower page, the upper page and related content links: Home page connect the channel page, channel page connect to the home page and ordinary content pages, general content pages connect to the upper channel and the home page, content-related pages each other.

Each page in the site should be part of the site structure, should be able to reach through other web links.

Summary: The site structure of reasonable and conducive to SEO should be a flat tree network structure.

1. Make sure that each page can be reached by at least one text link
2. Important content, should be able to reach from relatively lower level of the home page or site structure
3. Reasonable classification of the content on the site, do not over-segmentation

The site should have concise, clear navigation, allowing users to quickly find what they need, but also can help the search engine to better understand the structure of the site.

1. Adding a navigation bar for each page, allowing users to easily return to the channel, home page, but also allows search engines to facilitate the positioning of web pages in the network structure of the hierarchy.
2. Sites with too much content, should use bread crumbs-based navigation, which makes it easier for users to understand the current location: Home> Channel> Current browsing page.
3. Navigation using anchor text links, do not use complex js or flash.
4. When using pictures to do the navigation, you can use the Alt label annotation, with the Alt tag to tell the search engine what is the content of the page.